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How to style a gender neutral nursery

9 tips to help you achieve a gender neutral nursery

Photo by Syrie Wongkaew

Designing your newborn’s nursery is an exciting project. There are so many beautiful decor options available these days, that quite frankly, it can be a little overwhelming. We are here to help!

Here at The Tot, we just adore the gender neutral trend. It’s classic, elegant and timeless and it allows you to weave in your own unique touches. The question you need to keep in your mind when choosing furniture and decor is ‘will this piece date?’ or ‘will I love this in a year or two-year’s time?

So with that in mind, here are some key tips to help get you started on creating a gender neutral nursery:

  1. Start a Pinterest board. Collect and collate all of your ideas into a ‘Nursery Style’ board. Think about things like color schemes, themes, furniture style, decor, storage options, toys, lighting, room layout.
  2. Choose a color scheme. Do some research on your color scheme options. Think shades of gray, white, or pale yellows, greens or blues. Remember that the room is a blank canvas. Keep the base color scheme simple and from there you can bring the room to life by adding furniture, decor, pops of color or patterns and other personal touches.
  3. Choose a theme. Having a central theme throughout the nursery will make it feel whole. We love animal-themed accents as not only are they fun but they’re also perfect for both boys and girls.
  4. Choose your furniture: Choose a few simple yet beautiful statement pieces to begin with like a crib, a rocker and a dresser. Innovations in clever design means that these statement pieces no longer just have one function. For instance, the Nursery Works Novella Crib turns into a day bed once your tot has outgrown it!
  5. Choose your decor: Add functional pieces like a stylish hamper for storage, a cute nightlight, a playmat or an interesting cushion for your rocker which will help to complete the look.

Here are a few of our top gender neutral furniture & decor picks: